Types of Funds

Serving the diverse interests of the donors and agencies that have funds at the Clinton County Foundation means supporting a wide array of programs and non-profit organizations.


Some funds—like the Lucas Fund, are granting organizations.


Other funds serve a specific fundraising purpose—like the Blanchester Soccer Field fund or the Wilmington Skate Park fund.


Some honor the memory of a loved one—Heather James’ life was short, but she is remembered by friends and family through the medical assistance given to Clinton County diabetic patients that Heather’s Hope foundation serves.

Makerspace in Clinton County, Ohio

Energize Clinton County is the recipient of a CCF grant to build a makers space, where our community will be able to create new ideas and products.

Creating a fund is simple but does require an application. The CCF expects that each fund take their fiscal and ethical responsibilities seriously. Organizations must commit to a board, an accountable and sustainable fund plan.


IC Clinton Fund


The IC Clinton Fund provides the greatest flexibility in responding to the ever changing needs of Clinton County. The CCF board administers these funds and is committed to meet those challenges. We support innovative programs and act as a catalyst in identifying problems and sharing information with individuals, other foundations, and corporations. IC Clinton gifts empower us to make strategic grants, where need and opportunity are greatest. Giving an unrestricted gift allows the IC Clinton Fund to mobilize to the best of Clinton County.


Designated Funds


Designated Funds are created by donors or agencies who wish to provide support for one specific charitable organization or interest or a combination of interests. The Foundation handles all investment and administrative responsibilities, leaving you or your organization free to pursue its charitable mission. Nonprofit organizations with their own designated fund benefit by using our capabilities to accept complex gifts and to build a legacy.


Donor Advised Funds

Enjoy ongoing involvement in your charitable vision. When you establish a Donor Advised Fund, you work with our professional program staff to identify possible grants that may benefit a variety of causes and organizations important to you. Your recommendations are submitted to our local board for approval, and grants are distributed in the name of your fund. These funds may benefit areas outside of Clinton County. They are an excellent alternative to a private foundation, with less hassle and superior tax benefits.


Scholarship Funds


By creating a Scholarship Fund, you can invest your gift in the community’s future, all with the guidance and personal services of your community foundation. You determine the criteria students must meet to receive the scholarship you establish. With your assistance, students can achieve their academic and career goals. You may support any level of education and can be awarded to students based on the criteria you establish: a particular school, major, specific need, academic achievement, or graduating from a specific high school or geographic area. See our scholarship funds list.


Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was established to recognize and thank people who are planning gifts today that will provide a benefit to the Clinton County community in the future. Joining The Legacy Society requires two steps. First, arrange for your estate to leave a gift to the Clinton County Foundation. Second, inform the Clinton County Foundation of your gift. There is no minimum amount needed to be left to the Community Foundation to qualify for Membership Bequests are the most common method used to leave a gift to the Community Foundation.


Other deferred gifts include designating all or a portion of your retirement assets to the Foundation, making the Foundation the beneficiary of an insurance policy, establishing a charitable gift annuity through the Foundation and others. All can qualify for membership into The Legacy Society.


We want to celebrate and honor our Legacy Society members, but they may remain anonymous.


Memorial Funds

Funds may honor the memory of a loved one, others commemorate a special event or community purpose. Additional contributions to all the listed funds from family, friends, or other community members are always welcome. You can do so through our online giving page or you may send checks to our PO Box 831, Wilmington, Ohio  45177.


To get an idea of the multitude of nonprofits and charities who are taking advantage of a great community investment tool check out our listing of funds and granting organizations.