Clinton County Foundation Receives National Accreditation

The Clinton County Foundation has received its accreditation of national standards, certifying that it has met and exceeds the federal and state law requirements in practice and policy for community foundations.

The accreditation process is rigorous, and undertaking. This demonstrates the commitment the Clinton County Foundation has its donors and its community. In many ways, it is similar to a hospital’s Joint Commission process or a college’s accreditation. It serves to ensure quality and adherence to the highest standard of charitable practice.

“There are 26 standards and our board worked through all of the policies and procedures to meet the requirements—it was a two year process,” said Jan Blohm, executive director for the Clinton County Foundation. The goal was to be among the best organizations in our state—there are 53 accredited community foundations in Ohio.

“We want our community to be proud of the values of integrity, professionalism and legal compliance that the Clinton County Foundation offers. We are a small community foundation, but because of our community, our charitable heart is mighty.”

The Foundation and its nonprofit partners made more than $400,000 in grants in 2019. Recently, the Foundation board added an electronic grant portal to make the process of grant writing simpler and less complicated. The portal is located on the website:

“We will place the accreditation seal on our website, Facebook page and letterhead. It signifies to donors, nonprofits and professional financial advisers that the Clinton County Foundation is sound and that accountability is more than valued, it is essential,” commented Blohm.

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