Imagination Library

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Want to bring joy to a Clinton County child? Read to them.

Reading to your child at an early age=better students in school!

Every child, who is enrolled in the program, will receive a FREE book monthly through the mail. A free new book that is age appropriate and perfectly readable by a friend, a parent or relative. How wonderful it is for a child to have their own book.

There is a lot of research about reading to young children--it's amazing what story time can do to increase their relationship with a parent. They work through social development skills and test our their imaginations.The number of words they learn through hearing a book read to them --well, children are supposed to know 1000 words by the time they enter kindergarten. In Hamilton County, they implemented the Imagination Library. Their kindergarten readiness scores jumped 15 percent in three years. We will be measuring the success of Imagination Library in Clinton County, too.

While the Foundation is ensuring the financial end of things, ATSG and their president, CEO, Joe Hete made a three-year commitment to guarantee that at least 40 percent of the kids enrolled from our county will be supported. But we have just started: the state of Ohio has matched that amount dollar for dollar. The Lucas Fund made a grant to the program of more than $6,000. We have a goal of 80 percent of the kids in our county will receive these books. We need your help to make that happen.

Would you like to help our kids get the right start in life? It's only $25/year to support a Clinton County child. Something as simple as reading to a child could make all the difference in their life. Let's get this done, Clinton County. Make a gift:

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