The Audit

The Clinton County Foundation is on the road to becoming a nationally accredited community foundation. For our friends and neighbors, this means that there is really very little difference between the largest community foundation in United States --the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (more than $7 billion) and The Clinton County Foundation and our $10.5 million in assets.

We follow the same principals. We are committed to going above and beyond state and federal requirements. We demonstrate accountability and trust. We manage our investments with the same operational measurements and we have the same level ethical and legal practice. We can stand with the best.

We can withstand the scrutiny of donors, the media or the government because we embrace the standards found here: .

This is good for our donors and the many great nonprofits who benefit from being a part of the Clinton County Foundation. This year, the steps we have followed included a complete audit. In the past, Jason Walt at Wagenseller, Foley and Hollingsworth reviewed our accounting finances. We hired the accounting firm Maloney & Novotny from Columbus to scour through our finances, check our processes, and question all of our deposits, bank statements and grants. It was intense and exhausting.

Additionally, our board has worked through a wagon full of policies to meet the national accreditation board's criteria. We follow these courses of action and believe that our values are strengthened by these guidelines. We are very proud that we can stand with the best--and soon we will announce that we are nationally accredited--a distinction that proves how strong the Clinton County Foundation is.

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