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People call me all the time. They want to know, "How can I tell if my kid's INSERT ANY CHARITABLE GROUP HERE is legit?" Seriously, this is a huge problem in our country, in our state and in our county. It's hard to trust the integrity of those who have their hands on the money for charitable purposes.

Big news and headlines about nonprofit leaders or boards who didn't follow the rules, didn't take care of business and got into some hot water. Many times, it's sloppy record keeping or not following the laws set by the Internal Revenue Service. There can be some very serious consequences.

Board and leaders you need training and I have answer: Tuesday August 15 from noon to 2 in the Moyer Room or 5:30 pm to 8 pm in the Wilmington Public Library. The Attorneys General Office charitable law section will offer free training to board members and leaders who want to sharpen their commitment. The trainer is Beth Short, a member of the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law section.

This training will include a review of the basic requirements all charitable organizations have and provide easy-to-follow tips for board members who try to do their jobs responsibly in order to protect the organization and the beneficiaries of the group's efforts.

This is the first time the Attorneys General office has presented nonprofit information in Clinton County. We are pleased to help our community understand the requirements and obligations of nonprofits. Anyone who is a volunteer, runs a charity or sits on a nonprofit board should come—this is open to the public and free.

Beth Short, who handles outreach and education for the Ohio Attorney General's Charitable Law Section, has spent her career working for and with nonprofit organizations. Her passion for the nonprofit sector is evidenced by her professional and volunteer background working with charities as a staff member, board member, consultant and volunteer for large and small organizations. She brings a background in journalism, legislative and public affairs and training, complemented by a master’s in business that focused on nonprofit management issues. Her work in the Charitable Law Section focuses on the development of strategies aimed at strengthening the nonprofit sector. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University and Ohio University.

The first seminar from noon to 2 p.m. will be held in the Wilmington City Building’s Moyer Room. The second seminar from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. will be held at the Wilmington Public Library. Both seminars will cover the same information, but gives our community a flexible option to attend.

This is so important that the Foundation wanted to be sure that our community had the opportunity to hear this information and to ask questions.

Registration for either seminar may be made by emailing Jan Blohm at or calling the Foundation’s office at 937-566-1634.

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