The Upside of Little

Alan Jackson's song Little Bitty is all about us-the Clinton County Foundation and our community

"Well, it's alright to be little bitty A little hometown or a big old city Might as well share, might as well smile Life goes on for a little bitty while."

We are fortunate that we can share, and that even on the worst of days, we have a smile for our neighbors. Our little bitty problems can be solved with a little bit of money, if everyone would give just a little bitty.

This is a tough time of the year for many. Those who are ill or alone, it can be hard to get out and be with friends, neighbors or family. Those who don't have enough to eat or are worried about the heating bill in January--those are true concerns.

This year the Foundation has taken the lead in raising funds for their partners in the community. The Give Where YOU Live campaign has raised a little more than $10,300, and there is still time to give and get a tax deduction, if you need it. Go here:

So, what kinds of programs are there at the Clinton County Foundation? For starters, there's the Clinton County Youth Council--they need support so that kids who want to stay out of trouble have a place to go after school. They get a good snack, almost a dinner before they head home at night.

There's the Cardinal Land Trust, that is doing everything possible to preserve our community's natural assets--farm land. A stewardship fund is their greatest need this season.

There's the Health Alliance Cancer Patient fund--those who are ill can rely on this group if they need assistance with medications or rides to and from the Cancer Center.

Little Hearts, Big Smiles is about to put the last piece of playground equipment on their wonderful site near Denver Park. Wouldn't it be great to ensure that it's in place as the new splash park is built?

The Wilmington Park Legacy fund needs just $25,000 more to put a shovel into the ground for a splash and skate park. Yes, they will need more funds to ensure that the two new facilities can be self sufficient. But who doesn't want to ensure that our kids have great outdoor recreation areas?

The Murphy Theater is planning their one hundredth birthday with a beautiful book that celebrates their history. They are sooo close to their goal.

The Clinton County Foundation is doing its little bitty part--we are making a $3,000 gift to local food pantries, hoping that people will not go hungry.

In every way, it's just a little bitty and yes, you do need to see how you can be part of that Alan Jackson song. It will bring you a whole lot of joy.

Make a gift:

Photo contributed by Brett Rudduck, a friend of the Clinton County Foundation

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