Fred Anliot's Legacy

Fred Anliot would be pleased with the research that is being conducted in Lytle Creek and Indian Run Creek. Local citizens,students and faculty from Wright State University are taking samples of the water and soil to determine the quality of these streams through February 2017.

They will analyze the data to discover the water quality, biodiversity and its safety for our community. The Anliot fund established at the Clinton County Foundation supports this work.

Fred Anliot, who died in December 2012, was the green giant of Clinton County’s and southwest Ohio’s environmental crusade. Some might have called him a tree hugger, but his naturalist inclinations came with both practical and academic knowledge. He was at his best spending happy hours tramping through Southwest Ohio woods, examining natural habitats. He was revered as a teacher of biology and botany at Wilmington College for many years.

He shared his passion with many Wilmington College students, some who continue his work as educators, others who discovered the outdoors as an adventure of a lifetime. He ignited the ecology spark in our community and along with his longtime friend Nathan Hale.

In the early 1970s, he identified rare trees in the woods near the Caesar Creek Dam project and persuaded the Army Corps of Engineers to extend Caesar Creek State Park to the southwest to protect the trees. He helped to create five new parks in Clinton County, one of which bears his name.

One of the original founders of the Clinton County Streamkeepers, Fred was concerned about our watersheds, lakes and creeks. Fred knew that the streams are the harbingers of the environment. Streams respond quickly to the pressures of encroaching industrial and residential life. Water is critical to life in all forms. Those two principles connected Fred to the Streamkeepers organization.

Born in Cleveland Heights he spent his undergraduate years at Antioch University, went on to the University of Chicago and Duke University to complete his PhD. He taught at Wilmington College Fred wanted to leave a legacy, benefiting the work of the Streamkeepers in Clinton County through the Anliot Fund.

Annually the Streamkeepers board selects a funding project that best meets the Anliot Fund’s objectives and keeps the spirit of Fred Anliot alive. This year, Dr.Audrey McGowan's proposed project was beyond the expectations of the selection committee.

Wright State University will release their findings and determination of the streams' health around Earth Day of 2017. Our community deserves to know how Lytle Creek and Indian Run Creek—these gentle flowing streams that border our walking trails, through woods and parks are faring. Fred Anliot would be gratified to know that his advocacy for the environment in Clinton County lives on...

Go to this link and see the progress:

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