The Pot of Gold: Grant Writing!

Do you represent an organization searching for a pot of gold near the magical rainbow? Most struggle to grow a money tree and finding funds does require practical knowledge of grant/proposal writing, rather than a mythical quest.

Raising the understanding of charitable resource building in our community, the Clinton County Foundation will host a free grant writing seminar on Wednesday August 3 from noon to 4 pm at Damon’s restaurant in Wilmington.

The seminar trainer is Andrea Hoff, a 20 plus year veteran in fundraising, former president of the Miami Valley Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association. She works for the Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services and they distribute millions of dollars to health and human services organizations.

Andrea will share her experiences searching for resource opportunities, writing concise and compelling language and building relationships with grant funding organizations.

The seminar is open to all—leaders or representative of nonprofits, churches, and schools are welcome. Registration is required by calling the office at 937-566-1634, Jan Blohm, Executive Director.

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