Grants & Resources

The Clinton County Foundation is an organization designed to receive and professionally administer gifts from individuals, families, and organizations so they may create a fund or grow one of our many existing funds. There are many fund type options available.


Each individual, family or organization we work with has distinct charitable interests—and unique financial circumstances. We help you make the most of both, so you receive the greatest return on your community investment.

Fund Options


Some funds are endowed and a permanent legacy. They may distribute a portion of their generated income as designated by the donor/charitable agency to meet the needs of their favorite cause, nonprofit organization, or institution.


Clinton County Ohio Fellows

The Clinton County Fellows program engages college students with summer internships. These tech savy young people bring skills that are needed to special projects. Part of the Energize Clinton County program, the Fellows are a Clinton County Foundation grant recipient.

Endowment funds can provide grants for scholarships, charitable organizations, and other worthy causes and institutions. All have the purpose of enabling others to build and improve the quality of life forever.


Other Funds are highly flexible cash accounts that are entirely spendable. We offer a reduction of risk exposure and mishandling through a secure Post Office Box to receive donations. We can write checks and offer a transactions ledger. We can accept credit card payments and complex gifts.


Learn more about fund options and the creative opportunities for giving.


Grant Making Opportunities


Clinton County Foundation does not require a set-up fee for funds or scholarships. We do assess a small annual management fee that supports the administration of the Foundation and provides granting opportunities through the IC Clinton Fund.


Learn more about the grant making opportunities of the Clinton County Foundation.