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The first place our donors often turn to when thinking about philanthropy is their trusted professional advisors. For 30 years, CCF has been helping advisors identify the best charitable solutions for their clients. From establishing a donor advised fund or a supporting organization, CCF is committed to ensuring optimum due diligence, ethical and legal care.




How quickly can a Clinton County Foundation fund be set up?


A fund can be set up as easily as this: Give it a name. Give it a purpose. Give it funds. Start your application.


For 30 years the Clinton County Foundation has been helping advisors identify the best charitable solutions for their clients.

What are the fees for a Clinton County Foundation fund?


There are no start-up fees to establish a fund. An annual administrative fee is assessed based on how the funds are invested. Those funds invested in cash/certificates of deposit are assessed .007% of the total assets annually--and at least $100/annually. Those funds invested in stocks/bonds are assessed a 1.25% annual fee based on the total assets--and at least $100/annually.


What are the tax benefits of the Clinton County Foundation?


This is the current deductibility for Foundation gifts: 30% of adjusted gross income for appreciated property, 50% of adjusted gross income for cash.


What types of gifts can you accept?


The Clinton County Foundation has the ability to accept a wide range of assets, including cash, checks, stocks or bonds, life insurance policies, grain and IRA rollovers. We house legacy gifts as well.


See more about how our funds work and what types of gifts we manage.


Would you like to make a bequest? Here is some bequest language that will guide your plan


Contact us to meet a member of the CCF team, to learn more about how we can partner with you to better serve your clients


Clinton County Foundation Mission

We SERVE as a community resource, CONNECT donors to needs and SUPPORT charitable organizations in their work for strong Clinton County communities.


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