We invest in a broad range of nonprofit organizations working to strengthen and improve our home, Clinton County. Grant funds are made available across a variety of categories that meet the safety, health and wellbeing of Clinton County, based on the guidance of our governing committee. 


The LEGACY Fund's mission is to strengthen Clinton County, Ohio and improve the lives of its citizens through project-based funding. The LEGACY Fund develops our communities through transformative ideas and creative, pioneering programs.

LEGACY projects lay the groundwork for systemic changes that utilize local strategies and visionary leadership. The focus is to provide ongoing financial charitable support for the improvement of the health, welfare and safety of Clinton County, Ohio.

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LEGACY projects require the grantee organization is a 501 (c) 3 entity, a governmental agency, an educational institution or an organization engaged with a fiscal partner that is one of these three.


First, potential applicants will set up a grant applicant account with the CCF grant portal, second, the applicant will provide information for the letter of intent, also called and LOI. If the LOI project is approved, the grant applicant will be invited to submit a full application.

Go to the LEGACY FUND website for more information.

Here are the 2021 Grant Writing Workshop slides