HealthFirst promotes the good health of residents in Clinton County, Ohio through education, innovation, and patient care support. 


Our work comes to life through partners in the community in our grants and programs.


Our community-based program is the Patient Medication Assistance Program. This program helps individuals apply for medication assistance programs that can provide free or reduced cost medications. It is a collaboration among HealthFirst, the Clinton County Health District, and the Clinton County Board of Commissioners. Learn more about PMAP.


We also collaborate with community partners through grants. We aim to provide financial support to those groups working in the community to improve Clinton County and our residents.


We welcome innovative ideas that address individual and community wellness and health awareness. These concepts may be direct outreach or through creative delivery methods and services. 


In our work, HealthFirst encourages alliances, partnerships, and collaboration between providers and organizations. This broadens, deepens, and diversifies participation in the provision of services. These collaborations have intrinsic value and effectiveness in building organization capacity and expanding the reach of grant funds.

Grantmaking Guidelines and Application Process

HealthFirst has developed guidelines to help applicants better understand the types of projects and programs we are seeking to support.


Interest Areas

HealthFirst funds projects that serve or benefit Clinton County. Projects and program proposals should address one or more of the following areas:


  • Education: improving individual and community wellness and health awareness through direct outreach and creative communication about nutrition, emergent health issues, disease prevention or management, and other similar topics.

  • Innovation in Community Health:  improving care delivery methods and services, including novel outreach methods for at-risk communities.

  • Promotion of Community Health: improving the good health of community members, including medication assistance, health and wellness screenings, wellness initiatives (including exercise and vaccination initiatives).



  • 501(c)3 organization that is based or serves Clinton County, government entities, non-profit organizations, and otherwise tax-exempt groups.

  • Organizations that do not meet the organizational status may be able to receive fiscal sponsorship from a qualifying organization.


HealthFirst prefers to work with existing and long-term service providers and organizations in Clinton County.  Organizations from outside of Clinton County are encouraged to partner with an existing service provider or organization inside Clinton County.  


All grant recipients must agree with the HealthFirst and Clinton County Foundation’s non-discrimination policies.  Under these policies, no person may be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity funded in whole or in part with funds made available by HealthFirst on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, pregnancy, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.  However, it is not the intent of HealthFirst to prevent or limit the awarding of grants for projects designed to serve specifically defined populations or programs that seek to guarantee equality of opportunity to, and to reduce underrepresentation and underutilization of, minorities and women.


Standards and Priorities

Requests should be between $2,500 and $25,000; larger requests for projects with significant impact on the community may be considered.


Proposals should be clearly defined with a start and end date. Generally, grant funds are awarded for a specific project that can be completed within one year.


HealthFirst may allow additional time or extended funding beyond the first year of a multi-year project.


High Priority Projects

  • Proposals that are new, unique, pilot or address unmet needs in Clinton County will be favored. 

  • Projects designed to improve equity with a focus on supporting underserved communities

  • Projects designed to take a systemic approach to improving outcomes for underserved communities. 

  • Projects that include alliances, partnerships, and collaboration between providers and organizations that broaden, deepen, and diversify participation in the provision of services.


Lower Priority Project

  • Projects for remodeling, renovation, maintenance, repairs, and site improvement for existing facilities. 

  • Projects that support or meet the basic educational, health and safety functions of government agencies and/or schools.


Ineligible for grant support

  • Debt reductions, deficits, or previous obligations

  • Support of religious activities

  • Political campaigns, political projects, or attempts to influence legislation or government actors

  • Individuals

  • Capital campaigns


Application Process


HealthFirst uses a two-step process for the consideration of proposals through the Clinton County Foundation Grant Portal.


Step I: Letter of Intent. 

  • Potential applicants submit Letters of Intent describing the proposed project, the approximate amount request, and the organization that is applying for the grant.

  • Letters of Intent are reviewed by staff, counsel and HealthFirst Board of Trustees to assure eligibility and compliance with our goals. 

  • Selected proposals will proceed to the application stage.


Step II: Application and Review. 

  • Organizations selected to apply will provide a detailed project description and budget. 

  • All applications are expected to include an estimated impact of the project on the community and a method for evaluating effectiveness. 

  • Applications will be reviewed by HealthFirst.  Funding decisions are reviewed by staff, counsel and the Board of Trustees to assure eligibility and compliance with the goals of HealthFirst.

Application Deadlines

First Cycle

LOI Opens 3/14

LOI Closes 4/25

Notification to participate in the full application process by 5/6

Full applications due 6/17

Notification of grant award by 7/22 with funds released in August.

Second Cycle

LOI Opens 9/26

LOI Closes 10/24

Notification to participate in the full application process by 11/4

Full applications due 12/1

Notification of grant award by 12/23 with funds released in January.


To get a better sense of the grant process, review our documents.


Applicants should visit the Clinton County Foundation’s Grant Portal to set up an account.


Questions about HealthFirst's grant process? Contact us.

Patient Medication Assistance Program

The Patient Medication Assistance Program helps low income individuals get needed medications.  PMAP staff and volunteers help you apply to medication assistance programs. These medications may be obtained free or at reduced cost.


Hours, Location & Phone

Monday and Wednesday, 8 a.m. to noon.

Clinton County Health District

111 South Nelson Ave.

Suite 10

Wilmington, OH 45177

Phone: 937.481.2138 

Fax: 937.481.2137

Who qualifies?

  • You have no insurance or you have insurance, but no prescription coverage

  • You cannot afford your medications

  • You must qualify financially for the individual assistance program

  • You must be a resident of Clinton County or have a doctor in Clinton County


How do you apply?

  • Call or visit the PMAP office with the following information:

    • Income information and documentation  

    • A list of your medications and the doctor who prescribes them

    • Personal identification information including; date of birth, Social Security number, and household size.


Staff will review your application and if you qualify, your medications could be available in 3 – 4 weeks. For more immediate needs, call the Clinton County Health District at 937-382-7221


This program is a partnership of:

  • HealthFirst for Clinton County

  • The Clinton County Health District

  • The Clinton County Board of Commissioners

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