Funds & Scholarships

Your Clinton County Foundation has 30 years of experience working in partnerships with citizens, organizations and governments throughout Clinton County, Ohio to achieve community goals, find shared opportunities, and maximize grantmaking effectiveness.


With a simple fund agreement, you may create a philanthropic fund or scholarship. There are no start-up fees to establish a fund and an administrative contribution from the fund is used to help with administrative expenses or to support IC Clinton granting.


To learn more about how to set up a fund, scholarship or to become a member of the Legacy Society, visit our Types of Funds page.


Clinton County Foundation Funds


The Clinton County Foundation manages more than 150 funds and scholarships. The diversity and commitment of these charitable interests demonstrate the kindness and generosity of our community. 


Listings in orange are granting organizations, who provide benefits to local charitable organizations, as well as accepting charitable contributions to continue their good work.

Farmers Road farm
  • Adult Day Care Fund

  • Bond Family Philanthropy Fund

  • Boy Scouts/David Williams Fund

  • Boy Scouts/Waddell-Sabina Fund

  • Citizens for Justice

  • Children With Special Needs

  • Clinton Massie Lacrosse Fund

  • Clinton County Trails Coalition

  • Clinton Massie Schools Foundation

  • Clinton Massie Boosters Club

  • Clinton County Youth Council

  • Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • Community Band

  • Developmentally Challenged Citizens Fund

  • DARE Program

  • DARE Program - K-9 Unit Restricted

  • Wilmington Elementary Schools PTO

  • Downtown/CIC Art Fund

  • Foster Children's Fund

  • Fredrik Sture Anliot Memorial Fund

  • French Maintenance Fund

  • Friends of CASA

  • Wilmington Park Legacy Fund

  • Gamma Phi Gamma Alumni

  • Friends of Galvin Park

  • Hete Family Fund

  • Health Alliance of Clinton County

  • Health Alliance - Cardiology Fund

  • Health Alliance Cancer Patient Fund

  • Health Alliance Scholarship Fund

  • HeathFirst Foundation of Clinton County

  • Imagination Book Fund

  • Tammy McKay Fund

  • Heather's Hope

  • Jean and Henry Head Fund

  • Ho Ho Fund

  • I.C. Clinton Fund-Clinton County Foundation Fund for Greatest Needs

  • Leadership Clinton Endowment

  • LEGACY Fund

  • Little Hearts/Big Smiles Park

  • Nathan & Margery Hale for Sugar Grove Cemetery

  • Cardinal Land Conservancy

  • Outstanding Women of Clinton County Administration Fund

  • Project Trust

  • Robert Lucas Fund

  • S.O.R.E. Fund

  • Sabina Area Business Association

  • Sabina Historical Society

  • Scholastic Achievement Council for WHS

  • Sports Hall of Fame

  • Tau Kappa Beta Scholarship

  • U-Turn Docket Fund

  • United Way Fund

  • Vallee Fund for Blanchester

  • Veterans Memorial Fund

  • Wilmington City Schools Foundation

  • WCS Foundation - WHS Band Club Fund

  • WCS Foundation - WHS Theatre Fund

  • Wilmington Area Tennis Association

  • Wilmington Baseball Association

  • Wilmington Community Arts Collaborative

  • Wilmington Park Legacy Fund

  • Wilmington Tree Commission

Clinton County Scholarships

There are more than 30 scholarships available to Clinton County, Ohio students. Contact your guidance office to apply for these.

Tolliver Scholarship Application

Due March 1 annually

Application CLICK HERE

Blanchester Scholarships


Clinton Massie Scholarships


East Clinton Scholarships
  • Bob and Michelle Coblentz Scholarship Fund

  • BHV Legacy Fund

  • Brett Wightman Scholarships

  • Business Advisory Council

  • Clinton County Retired Teachers Scholarship

  • DARE Scholarship

  • Kenneth R Fliehman Scholarship Fund

  • Henry Agriculuture Scholarship

  • Henry Music Scholarship

  • Henry Scholarship

  • Outstanding Women Scholarships

  • Roger Murphy Scholarship Fund

  • Tolliver Family Ag Scholarship 

Wilmington Scholarships
  • Bob and Michelle Coblentz Scholarship Fund

  • BHV Legacy Fund

  • Business Advisory Scholarship

  • Clinton County Retired Teachers Scholarship

  • Ebby Sims Scholarship

  • George & GerryLou Deck Scholarship Fund

  • Henry Agriculture Scholarship

  • Henry Music Scholarship

  • Henry Scholarship

  • Kathleen Outcalt Scholarship

  • Michael Marine Scholarship Fund

  • Outstanding Women Scholarships

  • Randall J Harris Athletic Scholarship

  • Scholastic Achievement Council for WHS scholarship

  • Tolliver Family Ag Scholarship Fund

  • Virginia Van Der Voort Scholarship

  • William Robinson Scholarship

  • WCS Foundation - Adam Baker Scholarship

  • WCS Foundation - Class of 1965 Scholarship

  • WCS Foundation - Heiland, Diebel, PEO Scholarship

  • WCS Foundation - Ronald & Betty Turner Scholarship

Eaton High School Scholarships
  • Helyn Baumhart Mikesell Scholarship

  • Marion Alexander Scholarship

Lynchburg Clay High School Scholarships
  • Henry Agriculture Scholarship

  • Henry Music Scholarship

  • Henry Scholarship

Southern State Community College
  • Nursing Scholarship

Legacy Society
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